Tri-County John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Recipients

Tri-County RVTHS Students Receive John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

Sixty-six Tri-County Seniors qualified for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. This scholarship provides a tuition credit for up to eight semesters of undergraduate studies at a state college or university. Eligibility for the scholarship is based on students’ first-time scores on high school MCAS testing.

Congratulations to the following students:

Name Town Career Major
Marcus Altieri Franklin HVAC
Quinlan Anderson Medway CIS
Genevieve Aulenbach Franklin Health Careers
Lorcan Bergeron Medway Engineering
Michael Bergman Wrentham HVAC
Jack Bingham Walpole Culinary
Laura Birch Seekonk Health Careers
Kyle Blake North Attleboro CIS
Ryan Blanchette Millis Engineering
Zachary Blenkhorn Medway Engineering
Joseph Bobulis Norfolk Auto Tech
Faith Boutin Seekonk Health Careers
Noah Burbank North Attleboro CIS
Joseph Cady Plainville Engineering
Abigail Calamar Seekonk Graphics
Sophie Chrisom Medway Health Careers
Brianna Colby Walpole Early Ed
Teddy Connors Wrentham Plumbing
Alexis Correia Seekonk Medical
Grace Crowell Millis Legal
Ava D’Amadio Plainville Health Careers
Emily DeLuca Bellingham Legal
Ryan Ferdman Millis Plumbing
Sabra Flanagan Franklin Legal
Thomas Ford Millis Engineering
Daniel Friscia Medfield Metal Fab
Matthew Gilar Franklin CIS
Sophia Gill Walpole Cosmetology
Isabella Gulley Walpole HVAC
Timothy Harrington North Attleboro Engineering
Jeffrey Hill Plainville CIS
Jeffrey Hytinen Franklin Carpentry
Aidan Juhl Millis Engineering
Jennifer Kalick North Attleboro Health Careers
Noah Keating North Attleboro Plumbing
Savanah Keating Wrentham Graphics
Brenna Kelly North Attleboro Health Careers
Noelle Kennedy Walpole Health Careers
Natalie Kirby Walpole Health Careers
Brady LeBlanc Millis CIS
Kai Lopez Franklin Graphics
Nickolas Lubelczyk North Attleboro CIS
Alexander Majewski North Attleboro Electrical
Collin McEvoy North Attleboro Engineering
Derek McLeod Wrentham HVAC
William McNulty Franklin Auto Tech
William Merz Medfield Auto Tech
Perry Page Plainville CIS
Abigail Polvado North Attleboro Health Careers
Glicerio Quinlop Millis Graphics
William Redfearn Wrentham Engineering
Kailey Rogers Walpole Early Ed
Elijah Santiago Millis Graphics
Ryan Scannell Northbridge Metal Fab
Micah Scott Medway Plumbing
Toby Sprague Medway Electrical
Ashley Sullivan Walpole Dental
Emily Swinamer Franklin Cosmetology
Matthew Taylor Millis Auto Tech
Bradley Tolmie Franklin Plumbing
Conor Velasco-O’Donovan Walpole CIS
Trevor Vinson Norfolk HVAC
Coleman Walsh Millis Graphics
William Weddeke Medway Engineering
Jeremiah Williams Franklin Engineering
Alan Zheng North Attleboro Electrical