Students successfully raised over $1,000 to donate to Ukrainian Families

Cougar Cares Bracelet Sales

During this time of unrest, students at Tri-County wanted to provide some relief to those in Ukraine. Computer Information Systems and Early Education students championed three fundraising events: Cougar Cares bracelets, Pie for Peace, and a performance of the Ukrainian folktale performed by the preschool students. “Social media opened many eyes and gave us an inside view of what is happening in Ukraine. We work in a field where empathy is important, and we empathized with the people of Ukraine and wanted to give back and help,” said Max Dreon.

Computer Information Systems students Dominic Crisafi of Plainville, Cam Jones of Plainville, and Shawn Dignan of Franklin created a fundraiser that included the sales of yellow and blue bracelets. The “Cougars Care” bracelets were sold during lunch for $2 for a single bracelet or $5 for three bracelets.

Early Education students Max Dreon of North Attleboro, Sophia Holbrook of Walpole, Emma DeGregorio of Medway, and Myah Cabral of Blackstone formed a committee to involve the Tri-County community to raise awareness and funding for the people in Ukraine. They decided on two fundraising efforts, “Pie for Peace,” and a performance including their preschool students of “The Mitten,” a traditional Ukrainian folktale. Myah Cabral said, “For me, it is personal. My sister is in the Navy. War of any kind hits close to home with me. The effect of war on a family is devastating.”

The “Pie for Peace” fundraising effort allowed students to purchase tickets and decide which teacher or staff member would be pied in the face. If you donated, you were eligible to throw the pie. The faculty and staff volunteered to participate and were great sports during the event.

The students also performed “The Mitten” for the friends and families of their preschool students. The students dressed as characters and animals to bring “The Mitten” to life. “Working with children, it is our responsibility to help future generations. A lot of kids are being affected and have no idea why. They were born into an environment and have to suffer through the war,” says Sophia Holbrook.

The combined efforts of the three fundraising events raised over $1,000, which was donated to Straight Ahead Ministries. The students chose to designate the funds to feed families who were displaced or currently in a shelter. “The fundraisers brought the school and student community together. We came in contact with students and teachers we otherwise wouldn’t have. It also strengthened our preschool community as we all worked together for a bigger cause,” commented Emma DeGregorio.

  • May 6th:Early Release- PROM
  • May 10th 8:30am - 10am:Senior Health Careers Pinning Ceremony
  • May 13th 12:30pm to 1pm:Senior Medical Assistant Pinning Ceremony
  • May 17th, 18th:MCAS Math Testing | Grade 10
  • May 27th:Last Day for Seniors
  • May 30th:Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL
  • June 1st 6pm:Honors Night
  • June 5th:Graduation
  • June 7th, 8th:MCAS Biology Testing | Grade 9&10
  • June 10th:Early Release & End of Third Trimester
  • June 13th-17th:EXAM WEEK
  • June 20th:Juneteenth: NO SCHOOL
  • June 21st:Early Release
  • June 22nd:Early Release: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
  • June 20-24th:Skills USA Nationals Competition

MCAS Testing Schedule - Spring 2022

Below is the testing calendar for the spring of 2022. All students in grade 10 will take the state required Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Additionally, students in grade 9 Biology and those grade 10 Biology II will take the Biology MCAS test. Grade 9 students enrolled in Biology I will test next year. All exams are computer-based tests.

All three exams will be given in two sessions. All of these tests are untimed, although each session must be completed within the school day. Testing will begin first thing in the morning. It is very important for our students to be present and on time on all testing days. Please contact Melissa Beckmann, Academic Coordinator at with any questions.

  • May 17, 18th:MCAS Math Testing | Grade 10
  • June 7, 8th:MCAS Biology Testing | Grade 9&10

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Students Present at NASA in Houston

Engineering Technology Students Collaborate to Solve Issues on the International Space Station
NASA Students HUNCH 2022
NASA HUNCH 2022 Students

The Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School District is pleased to announce two of the six teams that participated in this year’s NASA HUNCH Program were selected as semi-finalists. The NASA HUNCH Program allows vocational students to help develop important features and hardware for the International Space Station (ISS). Each year a set of approximately ten issues that could help astronauts live more functionally or aid in the scientific and engineering capabilities on the ISS are presented in September. Students select an issue, form teams, and work together on a solution. All juniors in the Engineering Program participate. (


The students in the NASA HUNCH Program work with mentors, college professors, national companies, engineers from NASA, and other organizations to help hone their ideas. In addition, each student is encouraged to include their work with NASA on their resume. The students’ fresh perspective, time, and energy assists the Research and Integration Office out of the Johnson Space Center. This year each student who presented in Houston received a personalized recommendation letter to assist their future endeavors.

Students worked to provide a preliminary design review in February. After this review, teams refine their ideas and have a critical design review which typically takes place in New Jersey. The finalists are invited to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, to present to NASA and anyone interested. This year sixty teams from around the country were invited to Houston to present.

Thomas Ford (Millis), Timothy Harrington (North Attleboro), Joshua Shockley (Wrentham), and Cory George (Seekonk) were finalists with the mockup of a Destiny module built for transport they created. The Destiny module is the primary research laboratory on the ISS. Destiny’s research allows scientists to understand our world better and prepare for future space missions. The students were tasked with researching materials within budgeting constraints and creating a mockup to show how the traveling module would assemble and disassemble for easy transport. The team considered structural elements that would be safe for the public to view, interact with, and fit on a flatbed truck.


Nicholas Aguiar (Seekonk), Zachary Blenkhorn (Medway), Joseph Cady (Plainville), and Aidan Juhl (Millis) worked together to create Magnetic Boots for Space X Human Landing System. These boots would allow the astronauts to walk on the outside of the ship instead of floating, which would enable them to maneuver themselves with their feet and carry items with their hands, similar to how they would work on Earth. “We learned you won’t get anything done on the first try- it won’t be perfect,” commented Nicholas Aguiar of Seekonk when asked about the design process.


The teams traveled to Houston to present their projects to NASA in April. The students agreed that having the opportunity to pitch their idea to NASA and “pick the brains of such a knowledgeable group” were highlights of their trip. The students will now wait to hear from NASA to see if their idea will move forward in the design process.

Kyle Hughes is the recipient of the Outstanding Vocational Student Award

Kyle Hughes Senior Portrait

Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School senior Kyle Hughes of North Attleboro has been selected as the recipient of the 36th Annual Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award.

The Engineering Technology student received the award during a ceremony and dinner on Thursday, April 14th, at the Mechanics Hall in Worcester.

The Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award is presented each year by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) and the Massachusetts Vocational Association (MVA) to one student from each vocational technical high school in Massachusetts. The award recognizes students who have made significant contributions to their local school district and the statewide vocational technical education system. Recipients must have excellent attendance, a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, and vocational-related work experience. The students must demonstrate leadership qualities, technical competence, involvement in the community, and extracurricular activities.

Kyle, the son of David and Michelle Hughes, is a dedicated Engineering student who has earned multiple certifications and credentials in the Engineering field. Kyle is a consistent honor roll student and is currently enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses. Ranked number six in his class, he has earned a GPA of 4.40. Kyle is a member of the National Honors Society, a member of the Engineering shop advisory board, and a Student Council member.

Since his freshman year, Kyle has earned numerous accolades in his vocational program, academics, and SkillsUSA. Kyle was a National winner at Reach for the Stars National Rocket Competition. He was also a gold medalist at SkillsUSA in Urban Search and Rescue in 2020 and a bronze medalist in Additive Manufacturing in 2021. In 2020, Kyle was a National Finalist in the High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) Competition.

Outside of school, Kyle is a dedicated Shodan black belt in Uechi-Ryu Karate student and finds time to volunteer for organizations that are meaningful to him, including Walk for MS, School on Wheels of MA, For Kid’s Sake Foundation, along with various events in his hometown.

“Kyle Hughes is a truly outstanding vocational student who is very deserving of this honor.  During grade 9 exploratory, Kyle expressed his clear interest in aerospace engineering.  Years later, after excelling in Tri-County’s Engineering Technology program, Kyle is making his dream a reality,” commented Angela Batt, Engineering Technology instructor.

The North Attleboro native plans to continue his education at the University of Alabama- Huntsville, where he will pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

KyleCares Foundation Speaks to Spring Athletes


The Tri-County Athletic Department has partnered with the KyleCares Foundation to promote open and honest communication about the mental health challenges facing teens and young adults.  On May 2nd  spring athletes attended a presentation “Finding Your Way to Mental Health & Resilience” by Andrew Ominus, a former high school and college athlete who dealt with some mental health challenges and whose goal is to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.  Onimus facilitated a discussion with students about life balance and mental health awareness.

Tri-County RVTHS Updates

Alumni Association

Attention Tri-County Alumni! We are forming an Alumni Association to strengthen our community connections and to be a resource to our graduates like you! 

We look forward to providing a community in which you can connect with fellow alum, seek out mentorship, post jobs, and more.

If interested in receiving more information. please fill out this form 

Save the Date: June 4th
Alumni Gathering at Tri-County
Sign up using the form above for more information.

Honor Roll T2 Header Image

Congratulations to our students for their exceptional work!

View full Honor Roll here

Quest for the Best

The Quest for the Best Voting starts

May 18th at 12 PM

Be sure to vote for Tri-County as the best Vocational School! 

Alumni Spotlight

Tri-County prepares our graduates for a wide variety of fulfilling career and education opportunities upon graduation. Our alumni apply their knowledge to make meaningful contributions to society. Take a look at our Alumni Spotlights to see where their education has taken them and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Jaylene dos Santos
Jaylene dos Santos

What is your favorite memory of studying at Tri-County?

Winning the National SkillsUSA Medal at Women in Technology and the Technology Showcase.


Imagine you were going to start high school over again- with the benefit of hindsight- what advice would you give yourself?

Try more clubs and don’t be afraid to fail. It is okay to make mistakes.


Would you recommend studying at Tri-County, why?
Yes, yes, yes! 100% I live, breathe, drink vocational school because it is beneficial even if you do not go into a trade. You learn employability and technical skills. You leave with an understanding of how to interview and you know how to learn when you graduate.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our current students?

The world is your oyster. Try your best. As long as you continue to try that is all anyone can ask of you.

Jaylene dos Santos

Current Employer: Whittier Tech Vocational School

Current Job Title: Engineering Instructor

Current Location: Haverhill, MA

Hometown: Uxbridge, MA

TC Career Program: Computer Technologies

Year of Graduation: 2004

Sports/Activities at TC: Cheerleading, NHS, Student Council Class Secretary, Women in Technology, Prom Committee, SkillsUSA

Tell us what you have done since graduation.

I went to Wenworth for Civil Engineering and went into industry for seven years. Then I taught at Tri-County for two years and have been teaching at Whittier Tech for six years.


Has your career path changed since graduation?

I studied Computer Technologies at Tri-County. After graduation I transitioned into Civil Engineering and worked in industry but my partner is a teacher and helped me transition into teaching which is emotionally rewarding.


How well did Tri-County prepare you for the challenges that you have faced, or will face, in your career?

Very well. Tri-County gave me the tools to be a lifelong learner. You weren’t given the answer to a problem but you were taught were to find the answer and given the resources to succeed. It also prepared me for a college. Wenworth focuses on hands-on learning with lecture and lab which was a shock to those that came from a traditional high school.

What is the most exciting element of your career?

Inspiring the next generation of engineers. Watching the students grow and seeing their eyes light up when they get something.


What is the most difficult thing you have faced in your career?

In industry gender equality. Being a girl wasn’t easy in industry. While in high school at Tri-County the split was almost even female to males in my shop but in college there were five females in a class of thirty.

While teaching the most difficult thing is finding your own path. What works for one student does not work for the next.


What advice would you give to anyone looking to enter your line of work?

Work hard. Don’t exclude anything. Engineering is so broad- within Civil Engineering there are numerous paths you could choose so be open to all of them.


How did Tri-County support you in your career goals?

Tri-County showed us what we could do after graduation. Through supportive teachers, co-ops, college fairs, and Women in Technology. Women in Technology allowed females to work with a local company and pitch ideas. We were able to travel to Nashville as a team and won a National Medal. This helped shape my career aspirations.


Did Tri-County help shape your career aspirations and plans? If so, how?

I had a different plan when I went to Tri-County. I thought I would be in Cosmo or maybe Early Education but I ultimately changed to Computers during my exploratory. If I did not make that switch, I would have never ended up in Engineering.


Club Spotlight

Mr. LaPlante ASL Club


Club Leader: Mr. LaPlant

Meets: Once a month on Monday or Friday, 2:10pm-3:10pm

Location: S206

Beginners welcome!

The American Sign Language club at Tri-County is a student-driven, open club (new members are always welcome!) where we learn the full, rich language of American Sign Language (ASL). Students will interact with each other as we learn the alphabet, numbers, words, phrases, conversation, and the various components of ASL, including hand shape, hand position, facial grammar and classifiers. We will also investigate Deaf Culture, and invite guests from the Deaf Community to share their experience, knowledge and wisdom with us!


Club Leader Mr. LaPlant is a parent who knows American Sign Language (but states he is still learning!). He has taught several deaf students how to drive, worked as a family partner for the Wrap-Around Program at the Learning Center for the Deaf, and conducted ASL for vocational programs at Tri-County.  As a parent of triplets with hearing loss, Mr. LaPlant is passionate about introducing the complex language of ASL and deaf culture to our students.

The club begins with conversational sign language greetings and then the students select a category to research and present four or five words to the group by the end of the meeting. This interactivity allows the students to find resources and teach one another. 

Next fall, the ASL Club will have a Schoology page and will meet either weekly or bi-weekly.

If you are interested in more information, email or join us for a meeting.

Summer Camp Flyer 2022

Summer Camp 2022!

Tri-County is pleased to offer summer camp to students entering 6, 7, or 8th grade the Fall of 2022.

Summer Camp will be held July 11-15th and there will be half-day programs available.

Sign up today:


May 20 & 21: RESCHEDULED
A Tri-County Drama Club Production

Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults at 7pm

Support TC Drama!

Last Month at Tri-County

Celebrating Education and Vocational Training


We were excited to have Samantha Butler and Jake Benton, Carpentry Class of 2020 back to TC to talk with students about their experience after graduating and their time in the Carpenter’s Union, Local 346. Sam is also a member of the Sisters in the Brotherhood, an organization that supports furthering women leadership in the carpentry field.
Jake Benton and Sam Butler speaking to students

Health Careers

Grade 10 Health Career Students Students participated in a celebration of Earth Day earlier this week at Wrentham Developmental Center. With their residents, they participated in the campaign to remove trash from neighborhoods to reduce waste and pollution.
health careers earth day clean up

Health Careers

Grade 10 Health Careers students participated in the Water Therapy Program at Wrentham Developmental Center. This is a very rewarding part of their clinical experience working with the severely disabled residents at WDC.
students practicing water therapy
students practicing water therapy

Early Education

Students in the Early Education program are finishing up units on Math Experiences for Children. The students then planned and implemented activities related to math such as patterns, estimating, shapes and colors, and rhythm.

Medical Assisting

Grade 10 and 12 Medical Assisting students went on a class trip to the Boston Museum of Science to visit the exhibit "Hall of Human Life". This is the Museum's new biology exhibition, and students will encounter far-reaching questions on an amazing journey inside the human body. Spanning more than 70 interactive components, teaching how to engage with your biology and manage your health.
museum of science student trip
museum of science student trip

Juniors ASVAB Career Exploration

Today, the military branches sent representatives to Tri-County to conduct the ASVAB Career Exploration Program with juniors. Later today the seniors will have their results interpreted, having already participated in the program earlier in the year. Thank you to all the members of the US Armed Forces who came to support our students today!
military members speaking to students
students in assembly for asvab

Women in Science

We are so proud of our students!!! On Saturday April 2, 2022, Tri-County was represented by two teams in the annual Women of Science scholarship competition in Bedford, Massachusetts.
The Senior Team: Ella Lallier, Shriya Sivakumar, and Emily Matheson.
The senior team consisted of (left to right): Ella Lallier, Shriya Sivakumar, and Emily Matheson. The junior team consisted of Jen Kalick, Laura Birch, and Abi Calamar. The senior team made the top ten, coming in 7th overall.

Early Education

Early Education students made bulletin boards for the preschool students. The focus was on high quality visual and linguistic materials to assist with comprehension and cognitive development.
Early Education Bulletin Boards