Legal and Protective Services Students Gaining Real-Life Experience

Senior Legal and Protective students have secured co-ops and internships in their preferred fields to help them gain valuable work experience before they graduate high school. The Legal and Protective Services shop is a criminal justice-based practical career program. The curriculum covers many aspects of criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, civics, police field tactics, investigation techniques, C.S.I., self-defense, critical thinking, leadership, psychology, and public service.  The two-teacher shop is led by an attorney and a veteran police officer. 


Teaghan LeBlanc pursued an internship with the Millis Police Department her junior year due to a relationship she built through volunteering and community participation as early as elementary school. LeBlanc reorganized the records department, proving herself to be a valuable resource to the department. Chief Soffayer appointed her as a part-time dispatcher for the department in November due to her hard work. “I joined Legal and Protective Services at Tri-County because I had an interest in law enforcement, and this shop afforded me opportunities to explore the field, as well as start earning certifications that will help begin my career,” says LeBlanc of Millis.


Erica Godfrey has secured an internship with Nora Tyer-Witek, the Clerk of the Court for the Federal District of Rhode Island. Godfrey has the opportunity to observe criminal hearings and questions of constitutional law. Godfrey also makes recommendations to the Clerk about a plain-language initiative for layperson court filings.


A’Neysa Cleveland is training as a domestic violence advocate and educator at New Hope, a local domestic violence shelter and resource center. Her internship will give her the experience, trainings, and connections to pursue work in this field after her graduation.


Bret Mathews is gaining experience at the Franklin Fire Department by going on ride-alongs in the fire engine, observing the dispatch department, and assisting with administrative work at the station. “I’m learning so much about how the station is run, what is in the ambulances and engines, and how everything works,” said Mathews of Millis. The station has been especially helpful in giving guidance to help Bret select the most efficient way to pursue postsecondary coursework in this essential field.


After years of volunteer work at the station, Trevor Runyan secured an internship with the Medway Police Department. He participates in ride-alongs, observes dispatch operations, and assists with administrative work.


Mullaney Harris holds an internship at Uxbridge District Court, where she observes arraignments, bail hearings, and trials and also assists the clerks and probation department with administrative matters. She is gaining valuable experience and making invaluable connections with professionals in the field. “I’ve been dreaming of a job in the legal system since I was eight years old. There are so many options for me to pursue and all of them give me a direct opportunity to make positive changes in society which is all I have ever wanted to do,” commented Harris of Uxbridge.


Jake Slook is interning with the Medfield Fire Department. He goes on ride-alongs and handles incoming administrative phone calls. He is fine-tuning his plans after graduation with the assistance of the professional connections he has made.


Thomas Ruth is working with the Franklin Town Government through an internship with the Department of Public Works. He is learning first-hand how the citizens rely on their town government to provide well-planned, environmentally-sensitive, cost-effective infrastructure and services to promote public health, personal safety, transportation, and economic growth. “My internship prepares me for the real world,” said Ruth of Blackstone.


Many Tri-County students utilize their senior year to put the skills learned in their career program towards an co-op or internship. The connections they make and the experience they gain allows them to add practical experience to their college applications and professional resumes. Students appreciate the opportunity to grow their skills and connections prior to graduation. “Through co-op, I have grown as a student, professional, and person. I’m tremendously grateful for the dispatchers, officers, admin, and Chiefs who’ve mentored me the past year and a half,” commented Teagan LeBlanc of Millis.

  • March 11th:End of Second Trimester
  • March 16th:Early Release
  • March 22, 23rd:MCAS ELA Testing
  • March 30th:Full Day PD for Teachers: NO SCHOOL for students
  • April 7th:Early Release
  • April 15th:Good Friday: NO SCHOOL
  • April 18th-22nd:Spring Vacation- NO SCHOOL

MCAS Testing Schedule - Spring 2022

Below is the testing calendar for the spring of 2022. All students in grade 10 will take the state required Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Additionally, students in grade 9 Biology and those grade 10 Biology II will take the Biology MCAS test. Grade 9 students enrolled in Biology I will test next year. All exams are computer-based tests.

All three exams will be given in two sessions. All of these tests are untimed, although each session must be completed within the school day. Testing will begin first thing in the morning. It is very important for our students to be present and on time on all testing days. Please contact Melissa Beckmann, Academic Coordinator at with any questions.

  • March 22, 23rd:MCAS ELA Testing | Grade 10
  • May 17, 18th:MCAS Math Testing | Grade 10
  • June 7, 8th:MCAS Biology Testing | Grade 9&10

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Bret Mathews
Bret Mathews, Franklin Fire Department
Teaghan LeBlanc
Teaghan LeBlanc, Millis Police Department
Thomas Ruth
Thomas Ruth, Franklin DPW
Erica Godfrey – United States Courthouse, Providence, R.I.

Tri-County RVTHS Admissions Update

Tri-County admissions process for the 2022-2023 school year is wrapping up quickly. In-district admissions interviews will conclude on March 3rd. In-district students will be notified of admissions decisions in early April. A decision letter will be mailed home. Keep any eye on your mailbox! 

Out-of-District applications are no longer being accepted. Admissions decisions for non-resident students will be mailed home in early July. 

FUTURE CLASS OF 2026!!! In-district grade 8 applicants, please save Saturday, May 14th, 2022 for the placement exam and parent orientation. The program runs from 8am to 12pm and is intended for in-district, ACCEPTED, grade 8 students and their parent/guardians. Parents will hear more about Tri-County from the administrative team. Students will be assessed to help determine what level courses they will be placed in to start the year. ***The test does not affect admissions decisions***


Tri-County RVTHS Community Days

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Tri-County RVTHS Athletics Updates

Congratulations to the Wrestling Team for placing 2nd out of 15 teams at the Division 3 Central Sectional Championships.

Tyler McKinnon and Conner Jackson led the way with silver medal finishes, while captains Will Roddy and Bret Mathews both earned third-place honors. Placing 4th and also qualifying for the State Tournament are Aidan Weeman, Teddy Connors, Cole King, John Hansen, and Cormac Thoener. Diego Trapani and Chris Zajac earned medals for their strong performances in competitive weight classes. With a 14-1 record, the Mayflower League Champs head to States to compete this Friday and Saturday in Fitchburg.


Alumni Spotlight

Tri-County prepares our graduates for a wide variety of fulfilling career and education opportunities upon graduation. Our alumni apply their knowledge to make meaningful contributions to society. Take a look at our Alumni Spotlights to see where their education has taken them and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Matt Lombardo Navy
Matt Lombardo Boat
Matt Lombardo Navy

Matthew Lombardo

Current Position: Information System Security Officer
Employer: US Navy Department of Defense (DOD) Civilian and US Navy Reservist
Current Location: Currently deployed to the horn of Africa
Tri-County Career Program: Construction

Tell us what you have done since graduation.

After graduation, life happened. I decided to enlist in the Navy, traveled all over the United States, and spent four years in Korea. In addition to my work in the Navy, I earned my Associate’s Degree in General Studies and am currently three classes away from earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security. As an Information System Security Officer, I manage all computer assets from phones to the technology necessary for command. I am also about learning about Crypto and classified networks.

Has your career path changed since graduation?

Definitely. My time at Tri-County and since graduation helped show me what kind of person I am. At Tri-County, I studied Carpentry/Construction knowing I didn’t expect to end up with a career in construction. I loved the hands-on aspect of active duty and am glad I gave myself time to mature and figure things out before entering college. After four years, college is a breeze.

How well did Tri-County prepare you for the challenges that you have faced, or will face, in your career?

Excellently. Tri-County allows you to figure out what you want to do in life. The non-traditional academic and vocational schedule gives you flexibility.

What is the most exciting element of your career?

As a reservist, being deployed. I enjoy spending time with the people I am deployed with and the job I am doing.

On the civilian side, I enjoy working with the uniformed personnel at the Department of Defense (DOD).

What is the most challenging thing you have faced in your career?

Beating adversity and not backing down to peers. In my civilian job, it was difficult to integrate into the old workforce as a member of the new workforce. It was easy to rub people the wrong way because they had preconceived notions about the new generation. As a twenty-three-year-old, they assumed I didn’t know what I was doing. 

What advice would you give to anyone looking to enter your line of work?

Joining the military can be scary, with so many unknowns. Bootcamp was the first time some people had left their hometown. You need to jump in and take everything with a grain of salt. Use everything you have learned to build a better you.

If trying to secure a job through USA jobs, you need a federal resume. Be sure you know how to write one geared towards the job you are going for. As a Navy Veteran, I am given preference to many jobs, but you do not need to have a military background to apply for the positions. It is preferred but not required.

How did Tri-County support you in your career goals?

The teachers and guidance counselors were my biggest supports of me entering the Naval Academy and helped me achieve that goal.

Did Tri-County help shape your career aspirations and plans? If so, how?

Tri-county supports anyone’s career aspirations and plans. The staff comes from so many different backgrounds that create a diverse culture. It allows you to talk to people with different experiences and learn from them.

What is your favorite memory of studying at Tri-County?

Ski Club and the exploratory program. I enjoyed getting to experience the different programs. It was exciting to select a Career Program.

Imagine you were going to start high school over again- with the benefit of hindsight- what advice would you give yourself?

Give more effort.

Would you recommend studying at Tri-County, why?

Absolutely over anything! Tri-County gives students a different kind of learning. The one week on, one week off gives your mind a break. It is an all-around amazing school with excellent staff and teachers. I wavered about going and am so glad I did. I do not regret my decision in the least. Tri-County offers so many things in addition to the non-traditional schedule like Skills USA and sports.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our current students?

Keep chasing your dreams. Don’t let anything get you down. Stay motivated and upbeat. Make mistakes.

Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp 2022!

Tri-County is pleased to offer summer camp to students entering 6, 7, or 8th grade the Fall of 2022.

Summer Camp will be held July 11-15th and there will be half and full-day programs available.

Sign up to receive more information:

Early Education Preparation
Registration Closes on March 3rd!

Preschool Program Registration Closing for 2022-2023

The Early Education Program prepares high school students for various careers working with young children. The ability to work directly with preschool children within the on-campus facility located in Tri-County Regional High School in Franklin at 147 Pond Street allows students to acquire skills and confidence in teaching.

Tri-County Children’s Center is led by three highly qualified teachers in the Tri-County Early Education Program and assisted by students in the Early Education Major. The Preschool sessions are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:50 to 11:20 a.m. for the three-day program. Class size is limited to 30 children and tuition is $36.00* per week (*subject to change).

Placement is limited to the residents of the 11 towns within the Tri-County District, Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleboro, Plainville, Seekonk, Sherborn, Walpole, and Wrentham. Admission is decided through a random draw which will take place on Friday, March 4th, 2022. Names not selected in the drawing will be placed on a waiting list.

Due to the COIVD-19 Pandemic, registration and information sessions will be held virtually this year. Registration begins on Monday, January 24th. Applications will be accepted through Thursday, March 3, 2022. Registration is limited to children who are at least 3 years of age by September 15, 2022. Enrollment is limited to two years or part of two years for the preschool program, as long as the child is age-eligible. For more information about Tri-County’s Preschool Registration, please visit 

Last Month at Tri-County

Celebrating Education and Vocational Training

Health Careers

Grade 9 Health Career students were able to explore Cornerstone Assisted Living and Compass Memory Support in Milford this week. Our students participated in their fire safety orientation, where they learned how to prevent and protect the residents during a fire-related emergency.


Vannessa Houlihan, owner of Maven Hair Company (Franklin, MA) and 2003 graduate of the Tri-County cosmetology program, came in today to do a demonstration titled "It’s All About the Bangs". She presented to the grade 9, 11, and adult students.

Legal & Protective Services

Legal and Protective students at Tri-County recently embarked upon a collaborative series with the Massachusetts State Police. The series kicked off with Massachusetts State Trooper Farrah Gray, who works with the Community Action Team. She was joined by Jennifer Knight-Levine, the Executive Director of the SAFE Coalition, a non-profit organization committed to educating and supporting those affected by substance use disorder and mental health concerns across southeastern Massachusetts. The IMPRESS series will include topics such as unattended aerial units and unresolved cases.

Early Education & Health Careers

Students from Early Education Careers and Health Careers worked together this week learning about Social Emotional Education and how it applies to both professions.

Early Education & Health Careers

Early Education and Health Career students also made Valentine's Day cards and hand-delivered them to residents at Cornerstone Assisted Living including the Memory Support Unit.

Health Careers

Grade 10 Health Careers students learned about the digestive system. To help better understand the organs they created aprons identifying the digestive system accessory organs and organs of the alimentary canal.


Grade 9 and 11 HVAC students practiced their sheet metal skills by making roses out of sheet metal today for Valentine's Day. Great work!

Early Education

Early ed CPR
Early Education is completing their first aid/CPR/AED certification today. Each year the students complete the training to ensure they are prepared in a real-life situation. Students practice on baby and adult mannequins and utilize a choking vest to practice the Heimlich maneuver to give them hands-on experience.


Meghan Andrade, Owner of Atelier in Wellesley, spoke to our Grade 10 & 12 and adult education students about opening your own salon and having confidence in yourself and your work.