Tri-County RVTHS proud to announce Aliyah Tessier-Nunez as the 24th recipient of the Dean College Scholarship

Dean Scholarship Presentation Photo
L to R: Principal Procaccini, Superintendent-Director Maguire, Professor Thode, and Ms. Johannessen (School Guidance Counselor)

Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School is proud to announce that Ailyah Tessier-Nunez, a senior in the Graphics Communications Career Program from Plainville, has been awarded a $37,000 tuition scholarship to Dean College for the 2022-2023 academic year. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years/eight semesters of attendance at Dean College, providing a GPA of at least 2.7 is maintained. This is the 24th year that Dean College is awarding a Tri-County student with the scholarship.

Consideration for the scholarship is based on a completed admissions application, a Tri-County senior in good standing, superior academic record, teacher recommendations, interviews with a Dean College Admissions representative and Tri-County School Counselors, and extra-curricular activities, including employment. Many well-qualified students applied but Aliyah was selected for the scholarship based on her hard work and dedication, along with her many accolades. “The most rewarding part of teaching is being able to have a student as talented as Aliyah. Her pleasant demeanor, attention to detail, self-motivation, and ability to provide quality projects while being deadline sensitive will help her excel in any field she pursues.” Linda Thompson, Graphics Communication Teacher.

She works part-time at Showcase Cinemas and enjoys spending her spare time drawing. For her senior project, she created a coloring book that represents the LGBTQA+ community. When she is at home, she spends quality time with her family which includes two younger brothers, a chocolate lab, and three cats. Tessier-Nunez plans to pursue a Communications degree from Dean College. “I would love to pursue a career in radio. My dream job would be creating podcasts, I love listening to them, or in sports broadcasting,” remarked Aliyah.

Dean College is a private, residential, not-for-profit institution that is fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). 

“The Dean College scholarship program allows a Tri-County Student the opportunity to pursue a college education. The generosity of Dean College is remarkable, and we value their partnership,” said Karen Maguire, Superintendent-Director. “This scholarship positively impacts our students and the community. Congratulations Aliyah, from all of us at Tri-County. We know you will do amazing things.”

Graphics Communications Photo
  • April 7th:Early Release
  • April 14 & 28th:Skills USA State Competition
  • April 15th:Good Friday: NO SCHOOL
  • April 18th-22nd:Spring Vacation- NO SCHOOL
  • April 29th and 30th:The Miracle Worker Drama Club Production
  • May 6th:Early Release- PROM
  • May 17th, 18th:MCAS Math Testing | Grade 10
  • May 27th:Last Day for Seniors
  • May 30th:Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL
  • June 5th:Graduation
  • June 7th, 8th:MCAS Biology Testing | Grade 9&10
  • June 10th:Early Release & End of Third Trimester
  • June 13th-17th:EXAM WEEK
  • June 20th:Juneteenth: NO SCHOOL
  • June 21st:Early Release
  • June 22nd:Early Release: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
  • June 20-24th:Skills USA Nationals Competition

MCAS Testing Schedule - Spring 2022

Below is the testing calendar for the spring of 2022. All students in grade 10 will take the state required Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Additionally, students in grade 9 Biology and those grade 10 Biology II will take the Biology MCAS test. Grade 9 students enrolled in Biology I will test next year. All exams are computer-based tests.

All three exams will be given in two sessions. All of these tests are untimed, although each session must be completed within the school day. Testing will begin first thing in the morning. It is very important for our students to be present and on time on all testing days. Please contact Melissa Beckmann, Academic Coordinator at with any questions.

  • May 17, 18th:MCAS Math Testing | Grade 10
  • June 7, 8th:MCAS Biology Testing | Grade 9&10

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Junior Health Careers Majors Pass Their CNA Exams Despite Facing Disadvantages

L to R: Genevieve Aulenbach, Jennifer Kalick, Abigail Polvado, Ava D’Amadio, Hannah Clarke, Faith Boutin
L to R: Natalie Kirby, Sophie Chrisom, Laura Birch, Paige Chambers, Kimberly Escobar, Sadie Manning
L to R: Isabella Rivera, Sheila Cardona, Brenna Kelly, Nyah Ramos, Ashly Cardona, Noelle Kenned

Health Career Juniors started their career path two years, just as COVID-19 struck. Despite the setbacks, the students who tested for their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) State Exams passed with a one-hundred percent success rate for the second year in a row.


These students have faced numerous obstacles to get where they are today, including virtual education, changing protocols, difficulties entering facilities to obtain their clinical hours, and most recently, a change in their testing criteria days before their exam.


When the juniors selected their Career Program, they had no idea they would be faced with a worldwide Pandemic that would shut down the world. When they would have been receiving hands-on education from their highly qualified instructors at Tri-County RVTHS, they were forced to work remotely for safety reasons.


Prior to the pandemic, protocols would change but not as frequently as they have due to COVID. For example, at the end of the 2021 school year, the students could wear masks without face shields during their assisted living hours, but they were asked to wear face shields again at the start of the 2022 school year. Wearing face shields may seem like a small change, but it can become sweltering when lifting and rolling patients.


Health Career students benefit by gaining clinical hours as part of their vocational training. These hours help students gain the interpersonal skills necessary to enter their line of work as well as the procedures for proper mouth care and bathing individuals. Facilities tightened their visitation or eliminated them entirely during the start of the pandemic, limiting the hours the students were able to obtain. These hours are necessary to sit for the CNA Exam. The juniors resumed their clinical hours in May of 2021 but were forced to stop when they were three hours, or one day, short of the minimum requirement for the exam when the surge hit post-winter break. Luckily, they were able to get back in and surpassed the needed hours. “Despite the challenges our health career students have faced, they are excited to contribute and make a difference,” says Kylie Geikie, Health Careers teacher.


A week before the test, the testing company that typically administers the test for Tri-County students became unavailable. Finding and securing a new testing company was challenging, and then the students needed to change on a dime to the new testing structure. The written exam was shortened from two hours to one and a half hours. The practical portion, which measures knowledge of industry safety standards, infection control protocols, and critical thinking ability, used to be twenty minutes long for three skills would now be thirty to forty minutes long and require the students to pass five skills. In addition to the test changes, the new company administers tests via a computer whereas the old company used paper. “Our students have worked hard and shown great resilience. They adapted easily to the changes thrown at them and excelled. We are proud to work beside them and know they will do amazing things after graduation,” stated Geikie.


After passing their CNA Exams, the juniors can start their cooperative education. Four students have placements and will be starting their positions on April 4th. Health Career students typically pursue employment in long-term care, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

MSSADA honors Sara Martin with Theodore “Ted” Damko District (A) Award

Sara Martin Award Acceptance Photo

Over five years ago, Sara Martin accepted the position of Athletic Director (AD) at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School. Martin has been a history teacher for more than 20 years at Tri-County and coached girls soccer, girls basketball, and track and field before her AD appointment.

Martin’s passion and dedication is being recognized as she has been selected for the Theodore “Ted” Damko Award from the Massachusetts’ Secondary Schools Athletic Directors Associations (MSSADA). This award is presented annually to an athletic administrator with 3-5 years of experience who has exemplified the highest standards of their profession and has made significant contributions to their school and community. “Sara is a dedicated and passionate Athletic Director. She is constantly supporting and cheering on our athletes. She is engaged with our athletes during and outside of games, always committed to their well-being. As a coach, I appreciate her support during the seasons, she makes sure that we always have what we need. She is always brainstorming new ideas to bring in culture to our athletic program. The athletes appreciate her support of them!” says Julie Caffrey, coach and Special Education teacher.

Martin was a three-sport athlete at North Smithfield High School in Rhode Island and a graduate of Providence College. Her dedication to the students’ well-being both on and off the field speaks volumes about her character. She feels that education and sports go hand-and-hand. “Sports are an extension of the classroom. The things that students are learning in the classroom, they can take with them out on the field,” remarks Martin.

One of the biggest challenges Martin has faced is the uncertainty of the pandemic. With games being canceled and attendance restricted, Martin and Tri-County coaches had to adapt and meet the challenge with passion. “Kids aren’t going to remember the scores, wins and losses. They are going to remember the memories that they make with their teammates,” Martin says. This mindset helped the Athletic Department persevere, so the students could continue participating in the activities they love.

“Sara is unafraid to try new things in order to create opportunities for our teams. She communicates in an organized and professional manner. All of the coaches and Sara share a common vision- centered around the success and development of our student athletes. Put simply, Sara is certainly deserving of all of the accolades she receives,” remarked Steven LaPlante, coach and English teacher.

“I’d like to recognize the herculean efforts of my coaching staff before, during, and after the pandemic. They have worked tirelessly to keep kids engaged over the last two years. The amount of time and energy they invest in their athletes and helping them be the best versions of themselves goes unrecognized. They embody the values of the Tri-County Community and the mission of the Athletic Department,” commented Martin.

We extend our congratulations to Martin and wishes for continued success both on and off the field.

SkillsUSA District 2 Competition Results

Congratulations to all the students who competed in last week’s SkillsUSA District 2 Competition. You did a great job. Here are the results by vocational area:

Automotive Collision Repair

Collision Repair Technology:
Randy Rajkumar – Gold

Automotive Technology

Diesel Equipment Technology:
David Grace – Gold
Joseph Bobulis – Silver
Jarod Sperlich – Bronze

Power Equipment Technology
Colin Gill – Silver
Lincoln Farnell – Bronze


Connor Jackson – Gold
Samuel Noonan – Bronze

 Cole King – Bronze


3D Visualization & Animation:
Team of Quinlan Anderson & Glicerio Quilop – Gold

Computer Programming:
Ethan Timothy Roco – Silver
Lino Pirrotta – Bronze

Information Technology Service:
Gabriel Corey – Silver
Kyle Blake – Bronze

Andrew Johnson – Bronze

Technical Computer Applications:
Brady Leblanc – Gold

Telecommunications Cabling:
Isabelle Plante – Gold
Noah Renner – Silver
Bryce Bussaglia-Bronze


Hannah Flood – Silver

Early Childhood Careers

Early Childhood Education:
Kailey Rogers – Silver


Electrical Construction Wiring:
Jake Houlihan – Gold
Jameson Walls – Bronze

Industrial Motor Control:
Francis Vitkosky – Gold
Ryan Nawn – Silver
Cormac Thoener – Bronze


Additive Manufacturing:
Dylan Sullivan & Nick Ewanchuk – Gold
James Hazeldine & Sam Marcotte – Silver
Nick Aquiar & Aidan Juhl – Bronze

Architectural Drafting:
Calllie Schweitzer – Silver

Mobile Robotics Technology:
Amelia Rietz & Brady O’Conner – Silver

Graphic Communications

Advertising Design:
Sinead Bergeron – Bronze

Graphic Imaging Sublimation:
Savannah Keating – Gold
Aiden O’Malley – Bronze

Screen Printing Technology:
Kai Lopez – Gold

Health Careers

Basic Health Care: 
Laura Birch – Bronze

First Aid/ CPR:
Rebekah Lafleur – Gold
Faith Boutin – Silver
Gabrielle Dergham – Bronze

Medical Terminology:
Jennifer Kalick – Silver

Nurse Assisting:
Sophie Chrisom – Gold
Sadie Manning -Bronze

Legal & Protective Services

Criminal Justice:
Emily DeLuca – Bronze

Medical Assisting

Medical Assistant:
Caleb Mucciarone – Gold

Once again, congratulations to all who participated, and good luck to the gold and silver medalists who will continue on to the state competition at the end of April.

Tri-County RVTHS Updates


Check out the updated school calendar! It can also be found on the TC website ( under the News & Events tab

Alumni Association

Attention Tri-County Alumni! We are forming an Alumni Association to strengthen our community connections and to be a resource to our graduates like you! 

We look forward to providing a community in which you can connect with fellow alum, seek out mentorship, post jobs, and more.

If interested in receiving more information. please fill out this form 

Graduation Speech


Attention Class of 2022!!! Tri-County Graduation is a wonderful event for you, your family, friends, and all the faculty who have supported you along your journey and to celebrate all of your achievements. This year will be the first annual graduation speech competition. All Grade 12 students who are eligible to graduate can submit a 1,000 to 1,500-word speech to the graduation speech committee. All submissions can be sent to Mr. O’Brien in Guidance via the form link below, or email, The theme of your speech should be about your time at Tri-County and the opportunities that you were provided. Best of luck! Please see Mr. O’Brien in Guidance if you have questions.

Use this link to upload your speech submission:

Alumni Spotlight

Tri-County prepares our graduates for a wide variety of fulfilling career and education opportunities upon graduation. Our alumni apply their knowledge to make meaningful contributions to society. Take a look at our Alumni Spotlights to see where their education has taken them and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Rogue Team Photo

What is your favorite memory of studying at Tri-County?

As a Goth teenager, I was misunderstood and seen as a “rough-edged” kid. At Tri-County, I was accepted for who I was. There was a sense of community where everyone was equal and it gave me a place where I belonged.


Imagine you were going to start high school over again- with the benefit of hindsight- what advice would you give yourself?


Take advantage of the different extracurriculars offered. Try harder in academic courses.


Would you recommend studying at Tri-County, why?

Yes, I am always excited when I hear a student is starting at Tri-County. I start to think of their journey and where it will take them. Tri-County prepares you for the real world. The connections I made at Tri-County are still important in my life today.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our current students?

The only person that can limit your future is yourself. Get out of your own headspace.

Crystal Andrea

Current Position: Owner and Stylist
Employer: Rogue
Current Location: Plainville
Tri-County Career Program: Cosmetology

Tell us what you have done since graduation.

Since graduation, I have purchased my dream home, a Victorian, got married in a 1920s themed wedding, struggled with infertility but am excited to say I gave birth to the love of my life in May of 2018. I am a history buff and love our Victorian home. It is filled with love and our pets (two naked, Chinese Crested pups and two cats).


Has your career path changed since graduation?

I became self-employed at twenty and purchased a salon at twenty-five. At first, I was a rental-only salon but switched to an employee-only salon. I wanted to create a family-like culture and am happy we have built a wonderful sisterhood based on love. Currently, my entire staff of seven are Tri-County alum.


How well did Tri-County prepare you for the challenges that you have faced, or will face, in your career?

Tri-County gave me flexibility in learning and prepared me to go into a hands-on and office-style career at the same time. The bi-weekly schedule prepares the brain for everything in life.


What is the most exciting element of your career?

Everyday. I get to be a leader, a nurturer, a coach. I love doing everything. It is important to love your job.


What is the most difficult thing you have faced in your career?

Moving a working salon. My connections helped opened up opportunities and allowed us to move to a new location with double the space. The new location can accommodate more staff and was worth the blood, sweat, and tears. The decision-making was overwhelming and I did it with the support of my staff. It was a painstaking process but we opened in August 2021. The space already has a warm, lived-in feeling and I love that.


How did the Pandemic impact your business?

During the shutdown, we struggled but remained strong and unshakable.

During the pandemic, people overlooked the value hair stylists provided. Some of our clients started working from home and we were the only people they would see outside of their family for weeks. We helped keep spirits up and were rays of sunshine for our clients. We saw lonely clients before the pandemic and after the isolation of the pandemic, the connection we have was essential.


What advice would you give to anyone looking to enter your line of work?

You have to go all-in with your heart and soul. This is an all-consuming job that is both emotional and physical. It is an amazing career to pursue.


How did Tri-County support you in your career goals?

People at Tri-County saw me. As a teenager, it was so important to be seen and truly supported. My cosmetology teachers saw my value and my academic teachers saw my potential and believed in me.


Did Tri-County help shape your career aspirations and plans? If so, how?

When I started in Cosmetology I wanted to be a make-up artist. I loved make-up. My shop teachers told me I was a prodigy and their support and belief in me helped me blossom. Finding someone who believed in me gave me the confidence to start my own business.

Summer Camp Flyer 2022

Summer Camp 2022!

Tri-County is pleased to offer summer camp to students entering 6, 7, or 8th grade the Fall of 2022.

Summer Camp will be held July 11-15th and there will be half-day programs available.

Sign up today:

Drama Club

April 29 & 30
A Tri-County Drama Club Production

Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults at 7pm

Support TC Drama!

DAR Rick Hamilton

DAR Good Citizen's Award

Rick Hamilton, Semi-Finalist for DAR Good Citizen scholarship

The Massachusetts Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution awarded Rick Hamilton the Good Citizen Award runner-up. This award recognizes and rewards individuals who possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities. These students are selected by their teachers and peers because they demonstrate these qualities to an outstanding degree.

Rising Star

Rising Star Award

Isabelle Plante, Rising Star Recipient

Isabelle Plante, grade 10 CIS student has won the 2022 Massachusetts Affiliate Rising Star Award from the National Center for Women in Technology! Rising Stars embody the idea of aspirations and are encouraged to continue their exploration of the field.

Last Month at Tri-County

Celebrating Education and Vocational Training


Textured Hair Demo Photo
Tri-County was very happy to serve as a regional host site for the state licensed, vocational technical team of nine trainers who conducted a daylong hands-on training seminar for “Textured Hair Processes and Procedures" which covered: o Blowout & Styling o Product use o Relaxing chemical technique o Hot Stove procedures (irons & combs) o Braiding o Weaving Tri-County had all three of our high school cosmetology teachers and our adult ed. teacher at this event.
Textured Hair Demo Photo
School systems in attendance were: Blackstone Valley RVTHS Bristol-Plymouth RVTHS Cape Cod Tech Greater New Bedford RVTHS Lynn Voc. Tech Plymouth Voc. Tech Southeastern RVTHS South Shore RVTHS Tri-County RVTHS Upper Cape Tech

Graphic Communications

Graphic Communication tenth-graders are making the t-shirts for our upcoming Drama Club production called The Miracle Worker. Don’t forget to put it in your calendar! April 29 and 30!
Graphics Tshirt

Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems students spent the day with the National Guard competing in the Robotics Challenge, students built and programmed robots to compete against each other through an obstacle course.
students building robots

Legal & Protective Services, Computer Information Systems, and Engineering

Tri-County Alum and parent of TC graduates, Lt. Michael George, of the MA State Police Unmanned Aerial Device Unit, spoke with students in LPS, CIS, and engineering program about the drones used by the State Police to locate missing persons and assist troopers in the field when there are exigent circumstances. Students got to learn about Lt. George’s career, ask questions about how drones are used and their technical capabilities, and most excitingly, watch one in use, including a live feed of one that took off from outside our cafeteria and within a minute could read a license plate on a vehicle in the plaza parking lot across the street.

Spirit Week

Dress in your class color and compete together
spirit week competition
Seniors in blue
Juniors in yellow
Sophomores in green
Freshmen in red


This month, Culinary Arts students were elated to have the Director of Culinary Operations for The Country Club (Brookline, Mass.), Joseph Leonardi, CMC teach a course on salmon. Chef Leonardi is one of very few (66 in USA) with the accolade of Master Chef. Not to mention, he is a proud parent of two TC graduates and one current student. Chef Leonardi brought with him Kassidy Garrity, Seekonk, Class of 2020. Kassidy is Chef Leonardi's apprentice and The Club's Banquet Chef. The chef's instructed students how to filet a salmon and then they made Honey Glazed Salmon with a Mint Vinaigrette Sauce. A HUGE TC thank you to them and the Culinary Art Instructors for making this happen!

Adult Education

Adult Vocation Meeting Photo
Tri-County hosted the first statewide planning session to expand access to vocational training for adults! Fifty representatives from area vocational schools and MassHire Work Investment Board representatives met to begin the planning process! You can get updates about adult education programs at Tri-County by following our Facebook page (Tri-County Adult Education) or going to the website:


The National Honor Society hosted a Speedball Tournament Fundraiser this week! The finals will be held Friday in front of the whole school at Class Competitions. If you are curious what the rules are you are going to have to ask a student or a member of the faculty team! Speedball is certainly a Tri-County tradition!

Graphic Communications

Graphic communication students completed a project designing posters that highlight important student values. The students in the poster are great representatives of these values! Posters were created with low poly art, using the state-of-the-art wide format printer.

Legal & Protective Services and Automotive Technology

On Friday, Massachusetts State Police STOP Team joined the Legal and Protective Services students to speak about this special unit with the mission to preserve life. Lt. Sean Barry described this impressive career trajectory leading to his position as Executive Officer of the STOP Team. What the students found most fun was getting to see the bearcat, armored vehicle, that transports swat team members to critical incidents and rescues. Auto Tech students were also invited to “kick the tires” and look under the hood of the bearcat. We were lucky for such a beautiful day to enjoy this experience.