Legal and Protective Services Students Secure Positions to Further Their Education

Tri-County RVTHS Seniors Gaining On-The-Job Experience

Senior Legal and Protective students have secured co-ops and internships in their preferred fields to help them gain valuable work experience before they graduate high school. The Legal and Protective Services shop is a criminal justice-based practical career program. The curriculum covers many aspects of criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, civics, police field tactics, investigation techniques, C.S.I., self-defense, critical thinking, leadership, psychology, and public service.  The two-teacher shop is led by an attorney and a veteran police officer.

Teaghan LeBlanc

Teaghan LeBlanc pursued an internship with the Millis Police Department her junior year due to a relationship she built through volunteering and community participation as early as middle school. LeBlanc reorganized the records department, proving herself to be a valuable resource to the department. Chief Soffay

er appointed her as a part-time dispatcher for the department in November due to her hard work. “I joined Legal and Protective Services at Tri-County because I had an interest in law enforcement, and this shop afforded me opportunities to explore the field, as well as start earning certifications that will help begin my career,” says LeBlanc of Millis.

Erica Godfrey
Erica Godfrey of Plainville has secured an internship with Nora Tyer-Witek, the Clerk of the Court for the Federal District of Rhode Island. Godfrey has the opportunity to observe criminal hearings and questions of constitutional law. Godfrey also makes recommendations to the Clerk about a plain-language initiative for layperson court filings. “Erica is extremely punctual and interested in the work of the court and has expressed very creative thoughts and ideas about the material we have observed and discussed. She has been extremely professional – just like a real member of the court staff,” commented Godfrey’s supervisor.

A’Neysa Cleveland of Plainville is training as a domestic violence advocate and educator at New Hope, a local domestic violence shelter and resource center. Her internship will give her the experience, trainings, and connections to pursue work in this field after her graduation.

Bret Mathews is gaining experience at the Franklin Fire Department by going on ride-alongs in the fire engine, observing the dispatch department, and assisting with administrative work at the station. “I’m learning so much about how the station is run, what is in the ambulances and engines, and how everything works,” said Mathews of Millis. The station Bret Mathewshas been especially helpful in giving guidance to help Bret select the most efficient way to pursue postsecondary coursework in this essential field. Mathews’ supervisor says, “Bret is doing a great job at Franklin Fire Department.  He is always professional.  He is not afraid to ask questions and had participated in everything he has been asked to do such as ambulance and engine operations, and training evolutions.”

After years of volunteer work at the station, Trevor Runyan of Medway secured an internship with the Medway Police Department. He participates in ride-alongs, observes dispatch operations, and assists with administrative work.

Mullaney Harris holds an internship at Uxbridge District Court, where she observes arraignments, bail hearings, and trials and also assists the clerks and probation department with administrative matters. “Since the start of her internship, Mullaney has proven to be a valuable asset to the Clerk’s Office. She speaks highly of her vocational program as she applies the knowledge and skills she has learned there to her work here,” Harris’ supervisor says of her hard work. Harris is gaining valuable experience and making invaluable connections with professionals in the field. “I’ve been dreaming of a job in the legal system since I was eight years old. There are so many options for me to pursue and all of them give me a direct opportunity to make positive changes in society which is all I have ever wanted to do,” commented Harris of Uxbridge.

Jake Slook of Franklin is interning with the Medfield Fire Department. He goes on ride-alongs and handles incoming administrative phone calls. He is fine-tuning his plans after graduation with the assistance of the professional connections he has made. Slook is participating in the Medfield Fire Cadet Program to help prepare for his future.

Thomas Ruth is working with the Franklin Town Government through an internship with the Department of Public Works. He is learning first-hand howThomas Ruth the citizens rely on their town government to provide well-planned, environmentally-sensitive, cost-effective infrastructure and services to promote public health, personal safety, transportation, and economic growth. “My internship prepares me for the real world,” said Ruth of Blackstone.

Many Tri-County students utilize their senior year to use the skills learned in their career program towards a co-op or internship. The connections they make and the experience they gain allows them to add practical experience to their college applications and professional resumes. Students appreciate the opportunity to grow their skills and connections prior to graduation. “Through co-op, I have grown as a student, professional, and person. I’m tremendously grateful for the dispatchers, officers, admin, and Chiefs who’ve mentored me the past year and a half,” commented Teagan LeBlanc of Millis.