Homework Center

In-Person Homework Center will be held this school year!

Directed by Ms. Cheryl Norton

Tri-County maintains the following goals to promote student academic performance by providing access to:

  • Content-area teachers for students to gain academic support and learning assistance
  • A location and time that is convenient for the students to do their homework
  •  A quiet environment where student work can be completed without distractions
  •  A proctored location for students to complete make-up assignments and assessments
  •  Technology and online programs (computers/internet, printers, scanners) for students

The Homework Center has been designed to reinforce and facilitate growth in scholastic achievement and good study habits in student patrons. Therefore, the success of this program will be evaluated in the future by observing overall student achievement, as well as through collecting input from students and faculty.

For Students

Tri-County’s Homework Center, located in the library, is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:10 – 4:15 p.m. Late busses are available to students who attend. There are teachers and peer mentors available to work with any student who needs assistance.

Students who use the center must have work to do. They are encouraged to be organized and bring into the center all necessary material.

Parents are welcome to refer their children to the center for specific help. To do so, please call your child’s guidance counselor or call the homework center at (508) 528-5400 ext. 253.


 Any student may use the Homework Center. Parents may request student’s participation or guidance counselors and teachers may refer students. Students who are referred will be assigned a specific mentor. Students have an obligation to attend the Center if they have been referred unless a phone call or note from a parent has been received. Parents will be contacted by phone if a student is absent from the center.

Successful education is an on-going, ever-changing learning process which involves students, families, faculty, administrators and School Committee members working together to provide a culture of excellence, responsibility, safety and respect. This process fosters citizenship, social awareness, creativity, self-respect and a desire to pursue further education. The Homework Center is one of Tri-County’s comprehensive programs striving to bring students to their highest potential in the attainment of academic and vocational-technical excellence.  

To support this philosophy of lifelong learning, the Homework Center is open to all Tri-County students every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school.  

Homework Help

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