Congratulations to our Tri-County Medal Winners at the SkillsUSA District Competition

Congratulations to all those students who competed in the SkillsUSA District Competition at Southeastern yesterday. Tri-County students earned a total of 58 medals at the competition. 40 of those will be moving on to the state level of competition. 

Bronze medal winners were Hunter Dubuc, Christine Parker, Gabriel Corey, Colby Jones, Samuel Fontecchio, Bryce Almeida, Marshall Anderson, Brandon Joy, Colin Donoghue, Melody Parke, Isabelle Dias, Holly Swinamer, Christiana Smith, Ivy Hayes, Cormac Thoener, Julia Trotta, Michael Smith, Sean Welch, and Vivienne Seested.

Silver medal winners were Ella Lallier, Daniel Thibault, Corrin Fernald, Nolan Angliss, Lucas Celeste,Hannah Benner, Noelle Hicks, Megan Norris, Karonline McNamara, Caleb Mucciarone,  Fiona Tubelsky, Joella Mills, Sophia Pierce, David Grace, Nicholas Follett,  Matthew Loonie, Callum Wright, Alexander Comeau, Andrew Fusco,  and James Mayer.

Gold medal winners were Elijah Depaolo, Eric Conway, Katherine Ebel-Hayes,

Camryn Cooper-Noyes, Francis Silva, Rebekah Gable, Willow O’Gassian, Owen Fedele, Rebekah Lafleur, Paige Fontana, Oliver Bower, Annabelle Goyette, John McNulty, Gina Castagna, Nicholas Taylor, Nathaniel Gartze, Brooke Weber, Joshua Bellunduno, Matthew Gorton, and Kyle Hughes.

Good luck to all those moving on to the state competition!